How to Install a Pocket Door
Posted by Meriel Sheridan

No one can deny the fact that pocket doors can be perfectly used to provide your home with additional wide passage between the rooms. At the same time, you don't have to give up any space in your living area. What are the advantages of pocket doors you may ask? Well, in comparison with the traditional doors which need some room to swing out, pocket doors slide into the wall very neatly.

Pocket door can be nowadays found in older homes which can be even considered to be historic ones; however, they are quickly becoming more and more popular among the owners of newer more fashionable designs. Another advantage of pocket doors consists in the fact that they can be easily installed on your own without requiring any special skills. In this way, you'll manage to save much money on hiring a professional to install this type of doors. Installing a pocket door in your home is a very beneficial project that can be accomplished with pleasure and easiness, unless if your door framing is not open.

But how to install a pocket door correctly? Well, there are a few steps for you to follow and in an hour you will get your new nice door installed.

Instructions on installing a pocket door:

1 First of all, the door should be framed according to the measurements given by the manufacturer of your door. It is important for the heading to be level and for the opening to be plumb. It has to be mentioned that the space may seem quite big because you are going to frame the width of two doors.

2 Prepare a hacksaw beforehand, and have the door header and pocket door track assembly cut from the kit to ideally fit the length of the door opening. Mount the track assembly and door header with the brackets and fasteners that you will find in the hardware kit of your new pocket door.

3 Have the stiffeners from the hardware kit installed attentively following the manufacturer's instructions. Ensure that the jamb stiffeners are plumb before you fasten them. When they are in place, have the door bumper fixed to the stud at the rear side of the pocket.

4 Ensure that your door is finished or painted to suit your interior d?cor in the best way. Have the doorplate mounted on the door's top, locate the hangers onto the door track. Now it's high time to hang the pocket door, moving it to find the correct height. Plumb it with the built-in adjusting nuts.

5 To attach the drywall to the frame it's recommended to use the construction adhesive. It's advised to smooth then the seams or joints with the drywall tape. Avoid using nails for this goal as your door can be easily damaged by them.

6 Next the door needs to be properly centered in the pocket. For it you'll have to install the adjustable door guides at the front side of the pocket opening. Then the side jambs should be fastened, and finally the head jambs. Fastening the head jambs use screws to be able to remove the pocket door if you wish later.

7 This do-it-yourself project will be considered finished after you fasten the door casings with special finishing nails. Apply glue on the miters and construction adhesive to the casing back. Insure that everything holds in the proper way.

Accomplishing the higher described project you'll need to take into account some of the following warnings and tips. Insure that you have chosen the hardware kit for your pocket door according to the weight of the current door. Remember that different heights of doors require different kits. Now, when you know how to install a pocket door get everything prepared and start the project. Good luck!