Retirement Planning Guide for Dummies
Posted by Meriel Sheridan

Many people worry about retirement, because we all will face it sooner or later, and who doesn't' want to enjoy their golden years in safety and comfort instead of trying to make ends meet? These simple tips will help you plan your retirement easier with nearly all aspects taken into consideration.

1) Save up for retirement. Make sure you have a 401K plan or something similar to save some money in order not to worry about maintaining your lifestyle after you retire.

2) Start saving early. If you begin to put away small sums of money in your twenties, you'll end up with more cash set aside than those who started saving up larger sums in their forties.

3) Make a list of things you want to do during retirement. Remember, at this period of your life you'll have more free time than you've had before, so, you can finally make your long-lasting dreams come true. Is there a place you want to visit or to move to, an organization you wish to join, or a hobby you would like to start?

4) When thinking about your dream lifestyle you want to have after retirement, don't rule things out just because you are afraid that you'll be "too old" for it. Nowadays many retirees enjoy sky-diving, skating, and many other similar activities. You're as old as you feel, after all.

5) Don't ever consider retirement as "the end". In fact, the new period of your life will start after you leave your job, so, don't be afraid to dream big!

6) Consider working after you retire. Many people opt for jobs that pay enough and provide good career opportunities, while longing to work in another sphere or place. Retirement is the time to try the job you've been dreaming of. Also, it will provide you with additional income, which may be a lot less than you used to earn at your job before retirement, but still not bad.

7) Think about the things you've always wanted to learn. Modern retirees often take various courses and even enter universities sometimes, not for future career purposes, but because they want to get educated in a particular sphere, and learn something new.

Making a detailed plan for retirement will help you to set goals and start working on achieving them, as well as to calculate how much money you'll need to sustain the lifestyle you are dreaming of.