Toy Bulldog Temperament and Lifespan
Posted by Meriel Sheridan

Toy Bulldog can be also called Mini English Bulldog or Miniature Bulldog.

The nature of this breed of dog is very lazy and stubborn. Dog prefers to spend all itsfree time lying on the couch than to lead an active lifestyle. Despite this, the Toy Bulldog is the perfect companion for your children, because it is extremely tolerant to any of their antics.

The attitude to the owner is produced in different ways, and it depends mainly on the quality of bringing up of the dog. Some individuals try to be very useful to its owner, others - prefer to live "according to their own rules," unencumbered by any obligations. Usually the life expectancy of this breed is about 10-12 years depending on the living conditions. There were reported some cases when the dog lived longer than 14 years but it is rare.

How Much Does a Toy Bulldog Cost and Price Range

The price range is from $1000 to $4000 as it is a rare dog breed. The price varies depending on the dog quality and the breeder as well as the place where you buy your puppy.

Toy Bulldog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The height of the males bulldogs vary from 27 to 35 cm. The females are about 25-33 cm. As for the weight, the males are 11-18kg and the females are 11-17kg.

The basic color of the English bulldog is considered to be: red, white, brindle (a variation of several shades) and tiger, the animal's face reminds a black "mask" or the muzzle. Toy Bulldog has a broad and massive head - it may seem that it is much shorter than it actually is, with respect to the body its head looks too large.

Toy Bulldog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Toy Bulldog has a small size, perfect health, iron psyche and never shows aggression without any reason. Such ideal character is a result of hard work of the founders of the breed, which allowed for breeding only the best of the best. Currently there are five generations of mini bulldogs that have been registered, they have entered the stud book and are subject to careful monitoring of specialists. All the members of this breed are tested on the basis of breed under the supervision of experienced professionals, each owner is controlled by the organization that ensures proper dilution and eliminates the mindless reproduction with the aim of getting profit. Toy Bulldogs are a new generation of Bulldog that combines all the best qualities of the breed, which has no flaws and is ideal for anyone who wants to have a perfect friend, companion and protector with the exotic appearance.